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Properly installed and maintained gutter and downspout systems do much more than stop water from dripping on your head when you walk out the front door.

By collecting rainwater and draining it away from your roof and foundation, they protect shingles, fascia, siding and soffits from excess water damage. They also prevent saturation and erosion of the ground around your foundation, which can seriously compromise its structural integrity.

As far as home maintenance concerns go, gutters are often at the bottom of the list. Most gutters we replace are at least as old as the current roof, and many are as old as the house itself. That’s why many of our customers have us replace their gutter systems while we take care of their roof.

It makes sense to have Hoag install new gutters when we replace their roof for several reasons:

  • High quality, heavy duty materials standard

  • Professional installation

  • Reliable scheduling

Hoag offers four main styles of gutter products, which are available in different materials and a wide range of pre-finished colors that complement the look of your home.

  • K-Style

  • Wide-bottom fascia

  • Half-round

  • Copper

All of our gutters come with a 35-year manufacturer’s finish warranty, ensuring the beauty of your gutters and the quality of our work.

Rain gutter and downspout systems in Medford and southern oregon

Rain Gutter & Downspout Color Choices

Musket Brown.jpg
Musket Brown
Old Town Gray.jpg
Old Town Gray
GS Blue.jpg
GS Blue
Royal Brown.jpg
Royal Brown
Storm Gray.jpg
Storm Gray
Tahoe Blue.jpg
Tahoe Blue
Raffia Beige.jpg
Raffia Beige
Leaf Green.jpg
Leaf Green
Marine Green.jpg
Marine Green
Colonial Red.jpg
Colonial Red
Colonial Gray.jpg
Colonial Gray
Forest Green.jpg
Forest Green
Spanish Green.jpg
Spanish Green
Buckskin Brown.jpg
Buckskin Brown
Beaver Brown.jpg
Beaver Brown
Pebblestone Clay.jpg
Pebblestone Clay
Classic Cream.jpg
Classic Cream
Wood Beige.jpg
Adobe Tan.jpg
Adobe Tan
Heritage Cream.jpg
Heritage Cream
Glacier White
Sierra Tan.jpg
Sierra Tan
Sterling Gray.jpg
Sterling Grey
Zinc Gray.jpg
Zinc Grey
Charcoal Gray.jpg
Charcoal Grey
Saddle tan.jpg
Saddle Tan
Medium Bronze.jpg
Medium Bronze
Tahoe Blue TMP.jpg
Tahoe Blue TMP
Pacific Blue.jpg
Pacific Blue
Hemlock Green.jpg
Hemlock Green
Forest Green TMP.jpg
Forest Green TMP
Dark Bronze.jpg
Dark Bronze
Pine Green.jpg
Pine Green
Terra Cotta.jpg
Terra Cotta
Tile Red.jpg
Tile Red
Colonial Red TMP.jpg
Colonial Red TMP
Retro Red.jpg
Retro Red
Note:  Colors shown are a printers representation.  Variations may exist.
Before making final color choices please ask for a metal color chip sample.

Premium Metallics for Rain Gutters & Downspouts

premium metallic rain gutters ashland oregon
Metallic Silver
premium metallic rain gutters rogue valley oregon
premium metallic rain gutters southern oregon
Antique Patina
premium metallic rain gutters jacksonville oregon
Weatherized Zinc
premium metallic rain gutters medford oregon
Copper Penny

Rain Gutter & Downspout Premium Finish & Weathering Materials

premuim rain gutter finish southern oregon
Vintage Finish
premuim rain gutter finish medford oregon
premuim rain gutter finish jacksonville oregon

Design Choices for Rain Gutters & Downspouts

custome gutter design and installation in medford oregon
custome gutter design and installation in rogue valley oregon
custome gutter design and installation in ashland oregon
custome gutter design and installation in rogue valley oregon

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